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Oil Plunge: Eroding or Accelerating the Sustainable Economy?

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 9, 2015
Crude oil prices have been falling precipitously all through the latter half of 2014, and every time they hit a new low, they have been making headlines. This has been the single greatest energy story since 2010 and the slump doesn’t seem to be abiding...
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The Scalability of Off-Grid Renewable Energy Firms

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 1, 2014

The market is presently very favourable for DRE (Decentralized Renewable Energy) products to electrify rural India. The market is now approaching a point where the cost of fossil fuels being used to power homes is on par (or already exceed) equivalent renewable energy...

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Harnessing excess generation in Delhi’s grid

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 8, 2014

A look at real-time generation for the Northern Grid, from which Delhi draws its power, reveals that despite popular belief, over 160-240MWh of energy is being lost due to excess generation each day.

This is over and above the often quoted 20% transmission losses....

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Offshore wind, green bonds opportunities grab attention

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 14, 2014

Tulsi Tanti, Chairman Suzlon Group pointed to offshore wind as a largely untapped opportunity area last Wednesday. Around 1000-5000 MW of energy can be generated within 50-100km from the sea, with minimal transmission losses. These comments were made as part of the High Level...

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Finance not the key challenge for catalyzing MSME energy efficiency

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 12, 2014

 The MSME sector is reported to have a total of US$51 billion in total credit lines and available funding, however, only 36% of this credit has been utilized, according to presentations on the MSME sector during a side-bar conversation on promoting energy efficiency in MSMEs...

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Food and agri-business set to undergo unprecedented transformation

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 10, 2014

The food & agri sector is seeing double digit growth primarily buoyed by the export of processed food and the expansion of organised food retail brands in domestic market. For Processed Foods sector, the drivers for supply chain transformation are extremely compelling. Of...

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Smart Micro-grids for rural electrification

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 27, 2013

In India, around 40,000 villages (with upto 300 households) and arguably another 250,000 to 300,000 hamlets (with households ranging from 50 to 100) remain either un-electrified or de-electrified. This lack of access has been an inhibitor of equitable economic growth for...

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Disruptive Innovations in Energy

By : Ashish Rana, Aug 12, 2013

Innovation is now a near ubiquitous phrase in the business vocabulary. However, use or rather abuse of this phrase has led to a situation where many think that innovation is just a new buzzword, around which some excitement can be generated during a discourse or discussion....

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More Laggards than Leaders: State of Renewable Purchase Obligations

By : Anindita Chakraborty, May 13, 2013

Greenpeace calls out for an overhaul of the existing framework of the RPO regulation and sheds light on the current status of its implementation among states

“Powering Ahead with Renewables: Leaders and Laggards”, the new report by Greenpeace is a timely...

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Off-Grid Solar Thermal Technologies: Solving India’s Energy Crisis

By : Ashok Paranjape, Nov 15, 2012

The Earth receives more than enough energy from the sun in an hour to supply the world’s energy requirements for the whole year. Unfortunately we harness only a tiny portion of the available solar energy and the world still primarily relies on power plants that burn fossil...

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