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Defining green activities – What the new EU rules mean for India

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 17, 2020

Climate change is one the defining issues of our generation. New studies show that global warming needs to be limited to 1.5°C (rather than 2°C) compared to pre-industrial levels, to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Achieving that objective requires trillions of...

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High-Level EU Delegation Arrives In India Next Week

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 4, 2018
A high-level European Union delegation will be here next week to explore collaboration with India in green businesses and promote circular economy which aims to limit wastage of natural...
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EU set to end Chinese solar panel import controls in September

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 27, 2018

The European Union will scrap import controls on solar panels and cells from China in September, rejecting a request from EU producers who argue that the bloc will be opening its doors to a...

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EU carbon hits fresh 10-year high on stronger energy, EU climate target talk

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 22, 2018

The benchmark European carbon price rose almost 5 percent on Tuesday afternoon, hitting a fresh ten-year high of 19.41 euros/tonne.


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The green economy works

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 25, 2014

Last month, a study released by the Imperial College London Business School showed that public policies which encourage innovation in businesses that use clean technologies – think electric cars and wind mills – lead to greater positive impacts on economic growth than the...

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Cost Of Meeting 2021 EU Vehicle Emission Standards Will Be $1,350 Per Vehicle, Says Report

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 12, 2014

Some automakers won’t be able to afford the engineering costs needed to meet the European Union’s 2021 vehicle emissions reduction goal, according to a new report from ISI Automotive, an Austria-based global manufacturer of vehicle safety equipment. The company says most of...

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Climate change: EU eyes new green energy targets

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 28, 2014

An EU summit has begun in Brussels aiming for agreement on carbon emission cuts that could make Europe a global leader again in climate policy.
The European Commission has proposed a 40% cut in CO2 emissions by 2030.
The EU also aims to boost the use of renewable...

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European cleantech SMEs eye Asean growth

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 10, 2014

Economic development goes hand-in-hand with a heightened demand for energy. As economies in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) grow, the region is investing in the sustainability of its development, from managing energy and resource-usage to planning for urban...

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EU Industries to Pay Less Into Funds to Finance Renewable Energy

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 10, 2014

 Europe's energy-intensive industries scored a victory Wednesday in being largely let off the hook in footing the bill for the transition to an economy that uses less carbon dioxide.

The European Commission watered down some key parts of new rules on government aid...

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EU Mulls Abandoning Carbon Tax For Intercontinental Flights

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 6, 2014

The European Union has reached a preliminary deal that could exempt long-haul flights from carbon taxes until 2016.

The measure has been agreed upon by the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the EU...

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