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Gujarat extends solar power policy till December 31

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 9, 2020
Chief minister Vijaybhai Rupani has decided to extend the time frame of ‘...
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Maharashtra: Raut wants 500MW solar park in Vidarbha

By : Sustainability ..., May 29, 2020

Energy minister Nitin Raut has directed MSEDCL officials to facilitate the setting up of a 500MW solar park in Vidarbha.

Maharashtra Solar Manufacturer’s Assosiation (MASMA) had organized a webinar on this topic. Raut instructed MSEDCL, Maharashtra Energy Development...

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India’s Rajasthan state government announces 50GW solar goal by 2025

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 6, 2019

The state government of Rajasthan has come up with a new draft solar policy. The proposed policy package aims to establish the state as a global hub for solar with 50 GW of installed generation capacity within 5-6 years. It envisages an R&D hub for the deployment of...

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Power-surplus Indian state says no to new solar capacity

By : Sustainability ..., May 10, 2019

While other Indian states are struggling to meet renewable purchase obligations (RPO), Karnataka, the nation’s top performing market for installed solar capacity, has such a hefty surplus of...

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Solar ‘prosumers’ to get 50 percent subsidy

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 28, 2019

To incentivise production of solar power in the state, the cabinet has approved amendments to the Goa State Solar Policy 2017 where small and large prosumers (consumers and producers of solar...

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Solar power policy to be notified in 15 days

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 16, 2019

The joint electricity regulatory commission (JERC) has instructed the Goa electricity department to provide required assistance to consumers interested in generating solar power in the state....

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Goa government proposes to tweak solar policy to incentivise production

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 10, 2018

To incentivise production of solar power in the state, the government has proposed a 50% subsidy for small prosumers (consumers and producers of solar power) as an amendment to the Goa State...

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Amended solar policy to be out by November-end

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 1, 2018

The amended solar policy will be notified by the end of November, the electricity department stated at the public hearing held by the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) on Tuesday. 

Consumers and solar developers present at the meeting held at Ravindra...

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EU set to end Chinese solar panel import controls in September

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 27, 2018

The European Union will scrap import controls on solar panels and cells from China in September, rejecting a request from EU producers who argue that the bloc will be opening its doors to a...

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Jharkhand to soon have a new policy for rooftop solar power plant

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 13, 2018

The Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Authority (JREDA) on Friday said it has prepared a framework for the state rooftop solar power policy 2018 with an objective to produce 500-megawatt (...

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