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Green dreams: judging the BRICS bank climate ambitions

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 23, 2014

Does the new development bank launched by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa last week herald a new age in low carbon financing? It is a question leading economists and civil society observers have been asking for some time, with few answers...

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UN enlists legal help to crack down on environmental crime

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 23, 2014

 The United Nations will seek ways to toughen environmental laws this week to crack down on everything from illegal trade in wildlife to mercury poisoning and hazardous waste.

The U.N. Environment Assembly (UNEA), a new forum of all nations including environment...

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Indian scientist Rasik Ravindra elected to UN entity on ocean affairs

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 13, 2014

 Indian scientist RasikBSE 0.00 % Ravindra has been unanimously elected as member of the UN's body focussed on oceans and law of the sea. 

Ravindra, India's candidate for member of the Commission on the Limits of Continental Shelf (CLCS), was elected during the 24th...

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India needs $834 billion to implement low carbon growth plans

By : Sustainability ..., May 23, 2014

 India will need to invest US$ 834 billion to place its economy on a low carbon trajectory by 2030, a report published in April by the national Planning Commission reveals.

It says the country will require “massive” changes to the energy mix to lower the carbon...
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‘World’s Largest Clean Tech Accelerator’ Gets a Boost from the U.N.

By : Sustainability ..., May 22, 2014

 Having means and opportunity are requisites for law enforcement personnel investigating crimes. But they’re also essential for individuals, groups and organizations looking to develop innovative, commercial solutions that can improve the well-being and quality of people’s...

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Bangladesh a potential in fisheries, UN says

By : Sustainability ..., May 21, 2014

 Bangladesh can play a significant role in the growing food demand of the world in the future, UN says

Bangladesh is a leading country for fisheries produce and can play a significant role in the growing food demand for the world in the future, a UN report says.

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China carbon cash party over as U.N. Credit Stream dries up

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 23, 2014

 BEIJING, April 23 (Reuters) - Revenues for China's biggest sellers of U.N.-issued carbon credits shrunk last year to a tenth of 2012 values, choking off billions of dollars flowing to clean energy projects in the world's top carbon-emitter.

China will now have less...

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Cars Become Biggest Driver of Greenhouse-Gas Increases

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 9, 2014

Emissions from transportation may rise at the fastest rate of all major sources through 2050, the United Nations will say in a report due April 13. Heat-trapping gases from vehicles may surge 71 percent from 2010 levels, mainly from emerging economies, according to a leaked...

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Michael Bloomberg named UN Chief's special envoy for climate change

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 17, 2014

N chief Ban Ki-moon has appointed former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg as the first special envoy for cities and climate change.

Bloomberg will assist the Secretary-General in his “consultations with mayors and...

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UN agency to add a pinch of regulation to booming spice, herb sector

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 12, 2014

Black pepper, vanilla and basil are among the spices and herbs under scrutiny as a newly created committee meets today in India to develop quality standards for the multi-billion industry, which could also aid small farmers in selecting what to grow and...

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