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Massive investments, emission cuts needed: UN climate science panel

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 16, 2014

The U.N. climate science panel’s yet to be released report will come up with a dire warning that the world would have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70% below 2010 levels by 2050 in order to have a fair chance to keep the rise in the global...

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Sustainable intensification the new mantra for growth in food production in India

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 10, 2013

India Consultation Outcome Report containing India specific feedback on the draft UN Sustainable Agricultural Business Principles (SABPs) was finalized and circulated yesterday by UN Global Compact India. The draft UN SABPs offer a basis for responsible businesses to align to...

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UN Launches Green Climate Fund With Little In Its Coffers

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 4, 2013

 The Green Climate Fund, designed as the United Nations' most important funding body in the battle on climate change in developing nations, launched its headquarters on 4 December' 2013 in South Korea, but uncertainty over finances clouded the event.

The launch was...

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Solid waste management earns Pune invite to UN coalition

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 4, 2013

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has been invited to be a member of the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC).

If the membership is granted, the civic body could have easier access to funds from international agencies...

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UN climate talks shun carbon budget shareout as too radical

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 22, 2013

Governments are shying away from their own warnings that the world has only a fast-shrinking budget of carbon emissions left to use to avoid damaging global warming, frightened off at U.N. climate talks by the radical cuts it would require.

To keep warming to a level...

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UN climate chief calls on coal industry to change

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 20, 2013

The top U.N. climate diplomat on Monday told the coal industry it should leave most of the world's remaining coal reserves in the ground and start investing in renewable energy sources.

Speaking at a coal summit on the sidelines of a U.N. climate conference in Warsaw,...

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Fears of deadlock at UN climate talks in Warsaw

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 18, 2013

Gloom to match Warsaw’s overcast skies has descended over the UN’s 19th climate change conference, with little progress made during the first week despite the Philippines typhoon disaster and an impassioned plea for urgent action from its climate envoy, Yeb Sano.


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UN carbon emissions reduction system awash in cash as it claims to face hard times

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 14, 2013

The United Nations-administered cap-and-trade system for reducing greenhouse gases is sitting on a cash hoard of close to $200 million, even as it warns of hard times ahead that could impede its mission.

The cash...

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IPCC Revises Carbon Emission Figures in Recent UN Climate Report

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 13, 2013

The United Nation's panel of climate experts revised estimates of historical greenhouse gas emissions, made in September, both up and down on Monday but said the errors did not affect conclusions that time was running out to limit global warming. ...

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Typhoon Haiyan sets the tone of UN climate change talks in Warsaw

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 12, 2013

Philippines' tragedy that saw killing of over 10,000 lives by super typhoon Haiyan set the tone of United Nations climate change talks which began in Warsaw, Poland amid hope that the devastation, caused by global warming, will move both developed and developing countries...

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