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Niti Aayog invites bids for setting up Advance Chemistry Cell manufacturing facilities under PPP

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 12, 2020

Government think tank Niti Aayog has invited bids for setting up Advance Chemistry Cell manufacturing facilities under public private partnerships. Bids have been sought under the proposed...

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India to be world's largest market for battery storage by 2040: IEA

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 15, 2020

 India will become the largest market for utility-scale battery storage by 2040 as renewables show immunity to the COVID-19 pandemic to emerge as a cost-...

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Using local solar gear will raise tariffs by only 2-5 paise: Energy minister RK Singh

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 17, 2020

Using locally-manufactured solar equipment...

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New legislation to boost battery storage in Britain

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 16, 2020

The UK government is to change ...

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LG Chem halts lithium-ion battery project in India: Report

By : Sustainability ..., May 22, 2020

LG Chem has halted plans for its lithium-ion battery project in India as the auto sector reels under the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company was in talks with Renault, Mahindra & Mahindra and Hyundai for an Indian consortium for the project and regarding equity...

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Solar-plus-storage systems to see major boost in renewable energy market

By : Sustainability ..., May 5, 2020

The renewable energy sector will see a shift to grid-independent systems in the coming months and storage systems such as solar-plus-storage will see a major boost in the market, according to industry executives. “In the next six months to a year, a lot of focus would shift...

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Battery storage, smart grid, energy efficiency companies raise $252 m in VC funding in Q1 2020

By : Sustainability ..., May 4, 2020

Battery storage, smart grid, and energy efficiency companies raised $252 million during the first quarter of 2020 (Q1), a 20 per cent increase from the $210 million raised in Q1 2019. According to a Mercom Capital Group report, “Total corporate funding, including VC, debt,...

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Sodium-ion battery maker Faradion mulling over manufacturing in India

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 24, 2020

Sodium-ion battery maker Faradion Ltd on Thursday said it is actively exploring having a manufacturing presence in India for its batteries for diversified applications. The company, which had won its first order from ICM Australia, is seeking to push its Sodium-ion batteries...

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A low-cost bio-inspired electrocatalyst for rechargeable metal-air battery

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 22, 2020

Indian scientists have synthesized a bio-inspired electrocatalyst that can help develop efficient, low-cost renewable energy conversion and storage technologies such as fuel cells, biofuel cells, and metal-air batteries. The electrocatalyst—developed by Dr Ramendra Sundar Dey...

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Covid-19 impact on India’s energy storage industry

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 9, 2020

China is dominant in the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery manufacturing and supply chain, accounting for three-quarters of battery manufacturing capacity. The onset of Covid-19 has created a series of disruptions in the supply chain for Li-ion batteries, which will also impact...

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