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A low-cost bio-inspired electrocatalyst for rechargeable metal-air battery

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 22, 2020

Indian scientists have synthesized a bio-inspired electrocatalyst that can help develop efficient, low-cost renewable energy conversion and storage technologies such as fuel cells, biofuel cells, and metal-air batteries. The electrocatalyst—developed by Dr Ramendra Sundar Dey...

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IBM's new battery design taps seawater as alternative mineral source

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 19, 2019

International Business Machines Corp on Wednesday said it has come up with a new battery technology that uses materials extracted from seawater and requires no cobalt, as the race to find alternative sources to the expensive mineral intensifies. IBM said it has partnered with...

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Climate Crisis Economics Brings Two Competitors On The Table

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 24, 2019

Climate change crisis, a common enemy, has bought competitors BYD and Toyota together to strike a deal to develop mutually beneficial battery technologies and vehicles. Recently they have...

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Lead-Acid Battery market will grow explosively with EVs, says Deepak Ojha, MD, Waldies

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 19, 2019

The lead-acid battery industry has been in existence for more than 150 years, but the ubiquitous technology is still displaying remarkable traction. With a proven arrangement for reliable and...

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New way to create fast-charging lithium-ion batteries discovered

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 17, 2019

Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed a way to make lithium-ion battery that can charge within minutes but still operate at a high capacity, an advance that may improve...

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Delhi Budget: Rs 100 cr for State Electric Vehicle Fund in 2019-20

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 27, 2019

Delhi Finance Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday allocated Rs 100 crore for the State Electric Vehicle Fund in the Budget for 2019-20, a measure termed a "positive start" by E-vehicle...

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Gegadyne Energy plans to raise $10M

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 22, 2018

Firm plans to set up lab in Mumbai

Gegadyne Energy, a Mumbai based start-up working in the...

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