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Google pips Facebook to acquire solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 15, 2014

 Looks like Facebook’s plans to get Internet-delivering drones on board has come up against a slight obstacle: Google.

Google has beaten the world’s largest social network to purchase solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace as the search giant ramps up plans to...

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Madras HC cautions govts against 'privatizing' drinking water services

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 16, 2014

 Cautioning governments against privatizing fundamental sovereign responsibilities such as providing drinking water to people, Madras high court has wondered how a company, which dragged Bolivia into international arbitration over privatization of drinking water, was involved...

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Supreme Court stays environment ministry's move to allow mining without green nod

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 28, 2014

NEW DELHI: In what could halt many mining activities, the Supreme Court on Monday stayed a ministry of environment and forests notification permitting mining in forest areas for two years without clearances under Forest Conservation Act and Environment Protection Act. 

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Contaminated water proves a quiet killer

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 24, 2014
BANGALORE: In the first two weeks of May 2011, more than 30 persons took ill due to water contamination in Bangalore's Dasarahalli zone. A year earlier, Mudda Gangamma, 62, of Doddaballapur died after consuming filthy water. Death due to water contamination is nothing new...
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DU team claims to have developed a solution for chromium pollution

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 22, 2014

 NEW DELHI: The Green Chemistry Network Centre (GCNC) of Delhi University has claimed to have developed a solution for chromium pollution from tanneries. In a recently concluded workshop on sustainability and water quality, the DU team presented a polymer (chemical compound...

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Chemical pollution linked to infection, bladder cancer

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 14, 2014

 The unchecked discharge of chemical waste into Yamuna from industries in Haryana is threatening to wash away the gains made by Delhi over a decade after industrial units in the city were closed or relocated. Experts say the pollutants are causing water toxicity and illnesses...

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Global temperatures to rise 4 degrees by 2100

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 1, 2014

Global average temperatures will rise at least 4 degrees celsius by 2100 and potentially more than 8 degrees by 2200 if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, a new research has warned. 

Scientists found global climate is more sensitive to carbon dioxide than most...

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India among high risk nations in water stress survey

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 17, 2013

 India ranks 41 among 181 countries so far as water stress is concerned and its in the bracket of second high risk nations. The first-ever global water stress rankings by World Resource Institute (WRI) reveals that 37% countries assessed by it experience high to extremely...

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UN climate talks shun carbon budget shareout as too radical

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 22, 2013

Governments are shying away from their own warnings that the world has only a fast-shrinking budget of carbon emissions left to use to avoid damaging global warming, frightened off at U.N. climate talks by the radical cuts it would require.

To keep warming to a level...

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India to Invest $1.8 Billion in Village Water Supplies

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 15, 2013

 India, where 200,000 children four and under die yearly of diseases caused by dirty water, plans to spend 110 billion rupees ($1.8 billion) for the fiscal year ending March 2014 to improve village water supplies.

That’s an almost 5 percent increase from a year earlier...

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