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India welcomes G-20's endorsement of energy efficiency

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 19, 2014

For India, a small yet important success has come in the form of the G-20's endorsement of energy efficiency as important to ensuring sustainable development and growth, and the push to industrialised countries to provide and "mobilise" finance to address climate change,...

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The Dark Side of Green Lighting

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 18, 2014
In 2009, the Government of India found that the penetration of CFLs for household lighting was only about 5-10%, while over 70% of the remaining lights were incandescent bulbs1. In a bid to reduce electricity consumption in lighting, the government launched the...
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Waste at Work: Indian Entrepreneurs Turn Dung into Dollars

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 10, 2014

Across India, young entrepreneurs are finding ways to innovate the mundane. Using found technology, they cobble simple machinery together to do more than just recycle: They’re expanding local resources and transforming waste products into profits. This spring, I visited a few...

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Online Marketplaces and Precious Metals Present New Opportunities for E-waste Recyclers

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 29, 2014

  Getting access to a reliable, viable waste-stream of electronic products remains a challenge for the formal waste recycling sector.  Consumer e-Waste collections has been too cost prohibitive to formally set up in India. Some recyclers have attempted to re-invest corporate...

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A Major Accounting Firm Just Ran the Numbers on Climate Change

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 16, 2014

With every year that passes, we're getting further away from averting a human-caused climate disaster. That's the key message in this year's "Low Carbon Economy Index," a report released by the accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers.
The report highlights an "...

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EU cites J-K floods to root for strong climate agreement

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 15, 2014

 Sounding alarm bells over Jammu and Kashmir floods and other environmental disasters, European Union Friday said governments should work "seriously" towards a meaningful and "strong" climate agreement in Paris next year to keep the goal of limiting global temperature...

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Germany’s great green gamble

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 8, 2014

The Germans gave the word kindergarten to the world of education. They gave the term wirtschaftswunder to development economics to describe their country’s remarkable economic transformation immediately following World War II. Now, in the area of sustainable growth, another...

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This business of climate change

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 8, 2014

Paris 2015 is the buzzword among the global climate change community today, when the countries would negotiate a long-term agreement on climate change.
The road to Paris is also dotted with two events this year — the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York in...

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Illegal e-waste recycling booms in Moradabad

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 2, 2014

The Peetal Nagri (brass city) has become a hotbed for unauthorized e-waste recycling. Global recession and the decreasing demand for brass products in the West forced the manufacturers and the handicraft workers to adopt the hazardous e-waste recycling to earn their...

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Whither India: Modi faces climate choice as 2015 deal nears

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 14, 2014

India’s new government stands accused of scrapping policies aimed at protecting the environment, two months ahead of a major UN climate summit to be hosted by Ban Ki-moon.

A series of documents outlining the relaxed rules were released by the Ministry for Environment,...

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