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India, US in it for the long haul

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 29, 2013

As the US-India bilateral relationship progressed to what President Obama termed “one of the most defining partnerships of the 21st century”, the two countries have widened their canvas of collaboration. But with greater engagements have come greater...

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US-Iran thaw fuels hope in energy-hungry India

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 25, 2013

 The United States and Iran are renewing direct diplomatic contact after nearly 35 years. Responding to Iranian overtures, President Barack Obama on Tuesday asked his Secretary of State John Kerry to hold talks with his Iranian counterpart on the sidelines of the UN General...

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Rich nations should lead in reducing emission: India

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 20, 2013

India Thursday expressed disappointment over emission reduction obligations by developed countries, and said rich nations should take the lead in this area. 

Studies have revealed that developing countries have pledged...

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India's free lunches exact a high price

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 19, 2013

 In spite of India's much-publicized national renewable energy policy as part of its international commitments to reduce carbon emissions, its Mid Day Meal (MDM) Scheme, the world's largest school lunch program, has no energy conservation or even a fuel...

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50 of world's top 500 firms worst polluters: Study

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 13, 2013

 Fifty of the 500 biggest listed companies in the world account for emission of 73% of 3.6 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG), says a report that was released on Thursday. And, these emitters primarily operate in energy, materials and utilities sectors across the...

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Automakers bet on alternative-fuel cars for future

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 12, 2013

Judging by the slew of electric and hybrid vehicles being rolled out at the Frankfurt Auto Show, it might seem carmakers are tapping a large and eager market.

But in fact almost no one buys such cars yet. 

More and more automakers are coming out with electric...

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India seeks to extend ‘Look East’ policy to the Pacific region

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 6, 2013

 Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) – the regional organisation of the island states in the South Pacific — is seeking to revive the stalled international efforts to tackle global warming. PIF members are a group of picturesque, small island states in the South Pacific Ocean; they...

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Resource Sustainability and embedded costs will define future manufacturing competitiveness

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Aug 16, 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Prof. David Dornfeld, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability (LMAS) at the University of California, Berkeley about ways in which sustainability can drive innovation in the Indian...

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India: industry targets 25% TSR by 2030

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 12, 2013

 The Indian cement industry is failing to realise the potential for alternative fuels and raw material utilisation (AFR), but resolves to raise the thermal substitution rate (TSR) to 25 per cent by 2030, from the current level of less than one per cent.

This was the...

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Cement Industry leans on market based models for pan-sector recycling

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Jul 30, 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Mr. V.P Sharma, COO of Dalmia Cement, about ways in which sustainability imperatives are catalyzing innovation in the cement industry and the ambition for sustainable practices in the industry.

The cement industry has...

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