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Biofuels production to top 150975 million litres in 2016

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 7, 2013

The markets representing high growth rate are Sweden (32.2%), Colombia (24.4%), India (19.7%), and Thailand (16.3%).

According to the report, Biofuels Market by Technology, Feedstocks, Regulations, Pricing & Commercialization Trends & Forecasts (2011-2016),...

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Cept student shows how to reuse all water

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 25, 2013

A student of Cept University has received international honour for his research project on recycled water. Parth Vaidya, a third year student from the faculty of technology from Cept has created a prototype for recycling grey water that can be used for less important public...

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India blocks talks to cut greenhouse gases using ozone treaty

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 24, 2013

India is blocking an international plan to reduce the polluting gases used in air conditioners and refrigerators, saying negotiators are trying to use the wrong treaty to bring about changes.

International envoys have sought to bypass log-jammed United Nations climate-...

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Global non-energy companies out to harness solar power

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 22, 2013

What do Google, Walmart and Apple have in common? Apart from the fact that they are deep-pocketed American companies, they also happen to be solar investors. Recently, Google announced it would spend $103 million (Rs 630 crore) to buy a chunk of a solar farm in California....

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Consumers pay the price for the pollution caused by improper disposal of e-waste

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 17, 2013

India has been urbanizing at a rapid pace and the Indian agglomeration needs competent infrastructure and smart planning to move forward sustainably and meet the demands of the ever growing population. Today, every industry and business vertical is witnessing development but...

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Mumbai, Chennai may reach climate tipping point by 2034: Study

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 11, 2013

Around 20 years from now, Mumbai and Chennai could routinely start witnessing temperatures hotter than the two cities have experienced in 150 years, an alarming new University of Hawaii study predicting the climate 'tipping points' of various cities around the world has...

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50 of world's top 500 firms worst polluters: Study

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 13, 2013

 Fifty of the 500 biggest listed companies in the world account for emission of 73% of 3.6 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG), says a report that was released on Thursday. And, these emitters primarily operate in energy, materials and utilities sectors across the...

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Automakers bet on alternative-fuel cars for future

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 12, 2013

Judging by the slew of electric and hybrid vehicles being rolled out at the Frankfurt Auto Show, it might seem carmakers are tapping a large and eager market.

But in fact almost no one buys such cars yet. 

More and more automakers are coming out with electric...

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New company law to change CSR landscape

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 12, 2013

India’s firm nudge towards philanthropy in the new companies law, which replaces an outdated legislation with more streamlined rules, is being viewed with misgivings by some, but is likely to boost corporate charitable activity in the country.

The new law to govern...

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Himalayas at risk in hydro dam water grab

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 12, 2013

 The future of the world's most famous mountain-range could be endangered by a vast dam-building project, as a risky regional race for water resources takes place in Asia.

New academic research shows that India, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan are engaged in a huge "water...

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