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Dumping of muck by hydel project poses disaster threat

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 3, 2014

 An under-construction 24 MW hydro power project in Hallan-2 village of Kullu, about 40 kms from Manali, which is being constructed on Bijara and Choka rivulets, tributaries of Beas river, is apparently inviting big disaster by dumping tonnes of debris in the rivulets.

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E-rickshaws legal but aren't regulated

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 2, 2014

 Jai Bhagwan Goel, a politician active in Delhi circles who joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in February, was instrumental in getting a significant rally convened on  June 17. In the rally, he managed to win back a cause, and vote bank, being taken over by Aam Aadmi Party...

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Japan, ADB Announce Fund to Promote Low-Carbon Technologies in Asia

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 26, 2014

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced today the establishment of a new trust fund to support the adoption of advanced low-carbon technologies in its developing member countries (DMCs), with a grant of 1.8 billion (about $17.65 million) from the Government of Japan....

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Power woes haunt pharma industries at JNPC

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 24, 2014

 Pharma units housed in the Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City at Parawada on the city's outskirts are finding themselves literally powerless these days. And it is not just the power cuts being imposed on industrial units to be blamed for the plight of pharma units in the Pharma...

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UN enlists legal help to crack down on environmental crime

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 23, 2014

 The United Nations will seek ways to toughen environmental laws this week to crack down on everything from illegal trade in wildlife to mercury poisoning and hazardous waste.

The U.N. Environment Assembly (UNEA), a new forum of all nations including environment...

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Agra bans plastic bags to curb pollution

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 20, 2014

 With an aim to curb the rising pollution in Yamuna, the Agra district administration has decided to strictly implement the ban on use of polythene in the city. For the same cause, the municipal authorities have been asked to place barricades at Yamuna ghats to resist locals...

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India's National Green Tribunal: An Experiment in Environmental Justice

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 12, 2014

 Meghalaya state in northeastern Indian is a land of bucolic beauty, but its Jaintia Hills have become dotted with ratholes—a primitive mining method where pits ranging from 5–100 square meters are dug into the ground to reach a coal seam. Tunnels about one meter high are...

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Corporation rallies support for water conservation

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 11, 2014

 Madurai corporation, which has decided to renovate existing rainwater harvesting systems in government buildings, is sparing no efforts to secure the water needs of residents. On Tuesday, mayor V V Rajan Chellappa inaugurated a rally to raise awareness about rainwater...

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Will Bangalore ever be garbage-free?

By : Sustainability ..., May 28, 2014

 It was not very long ago that Bangalore’s sobriquet i.e., ‘Garden City’ nearly came to be replaced with ‘Garbage City’ in the wake of villagers’ refusal to allow garbage trucks to dump the city’s refuse into the nearby landfills. Mounting garbage piles attracted...

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E-Waste in India: a grey story

By : Sustainability ..., May 26, 2014

 Guest contributor, Arjun Mehta, Manager at Sims Recycling Solutions India, reflects on the critical need of the hour in developing a sustainable model for e-waste management & recovery....

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