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New algae species could provide valuable biofuel

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 14, 2014

The discovery of a new species of macro algae along the coast at south Goa could open up vast reserves of biofuel besides providing raw material for anti-cancer drugs.

A variety of macro algae was last discovered some...

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Will Bangalore ever be garbage-free?

By : Sustainability ..., May 28, 2014

 It was not very long ago that Bangalore’s sobriquet i.e., ‘Garden City’ nearly came to be replaced with ‘Garbage City’ in the wake of villagers’ refusal to allow garbage trucks to dump the city’s refuse into the nearby landfills. Mounting garbage piles attracted...

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Siemens Crystal London Proves Ecologically Sustainable, Possible!

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 24, 2012

 As the world's urban population increases every year and could swell to approximately 5 billion by 2030, people and governments now face the biggest challenge of having environmentally sustainable urban communities.

The pressure to conserve the world's finite...

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Rio+20 should prioritise sustainable agriculture, says Caroline Spelman

By : Sustainability ..., May 25, 2012

The UK secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs says the challenge for the UN Earth summit must be how to 'green' the world economy

Sustainable agriculture should be the UK's key objective for Rio+20, according to the UK secretary of state for the...

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BP to Implement Carbon Offset Program for Fedex® Envelope

By : Anonymous, Apr 25, 2012

3/04/2012 - BP to Implement Carbon Offset Program for Fedex® Envelope
BP today announced a deal with FedEx to offset the carbon emissions of over 200 million FedEx Envelopes shipped worldwide yearly.

Through the carbon-neutral FedEx Envelope shipping program,...

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Climate Change : India, Seychelles call for action

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 5, 2011

India today urged the industrialized nations to commit their emission reduction targets for 2020 that are consistent with the Copenhagen goal of containing the likely temperature increase to no more than 2 degree centigrade or less.

Seychelles called upon the...

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No quick fix on warming, says new UN climate chief

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 10, 2010

The UN's incoming chief on climate change cautioned on Wednesday it could take until 2050 to build the machinery that will ultimately tame greenhouse gases.

In an interview with newswire reporters on the sidelines of UN talks in Bonn, Christiana Figueres said she was...

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India needs to find right model for managing climate change

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 9, 2010

As the world works to a global climate deal in Cancun later this year, advanced developing countries like India will come under increasing pressure 
to commit to higher targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than these countries have put on the table.


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