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Look out for the Energy Outlook

By : Ashish Rana, Nov 24, 2010

This article looks at the India picture of the recently released annual World Energy Outlook of IEA. The central scenario in this year’s outlook is “New Policies Scenario” in place of the usual Reference scenario.

Every November, the International Energy...

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Equity gap in Phase I of National Solar Mission

By : Aparna Setya, Nov 11, 2010

While, the solar industry seems attractive in the long run, equity investors are currently adopting a “wait and see” approach. It is unlikely that Phase I of JNNSM will see private equity investments from Indian investors.


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India CDM pipeline October snapshot

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 10, 2010

Projects seeking registration from India in October has seen an increase, bucking the trend of the last few months. However, these projects continue to be small in size. CER issuance also has still been low, amounting to $3.6 million for the month.


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Readying North East India for REDD+

By : Swapan Mehra, Sep 24, 2010

The article is a primer on the opportunity and potential of REDD+ and summarizes the proceedings of a recently concluded workshop on deforestation drivers in the north east and the roles REDD+ financing can play in forestry conservation


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India CDM pipeline August report

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 12, 2010

CER issuance for Indian projects in August have fallen off the cliff with only 62,150 CERs (approx US$1.2m) issued. This compares to $82m worth of CERs issued globally in the same period.

CER issuance for Indian projects in August have fallen off the cliff...

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PPP Models for combating climate change: Looking beyond carbon trading

By : Tanvi Patel, Aug 31, 2010

Moving beyond carbon trading schemes, such public private partnerships models could be useful for pooling resources and expertise and for up-scaling climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

Climate Change is a global phenomenon and has significant...

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Greening telecom: Countryside and countrywide

By : Komalirani Yenneti, Aug 26, 2010

As telephone has grown to become the lifeline of communication in most areas, telecom operators are looking towards green communications, which is expected to become a part of normal telecom business.



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‘Trees for Credit’ can make ‘Green India Mission’ inclusive

By : Mathews Mullackal, Aug 6, 2010

Trees For Credit, an innovative model developed by Green-Harmony, has the potential to strengthen proposed Green India Mission to sequestrate carbon, while contributing to poverty reduction and inclusive development- the dominating themes of the 11th Five Year Plan.


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Low carbon race: Sprint or slow pace?

By : Ashish Rana, Aug 4, 2010

Soon it will be 2030. Would the world have moved to a low carbon path by then? It is being argued that actions required to alter growth trajectories towards low carbon economy across the world are too little and/or too late. What is India prioritizing in this context?...

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Reviewing JNNSM guidelines for selection of grid connected solar thermal projects

By : Upendra Bhatt, Jul 29, 2010

Guidelines for selecting new grid connected solar power projects were finally released earlier this week with much fanfare. From a solar thermal persective, they have failed to address many concerns and pre-requisites to ensure a successful rollout.


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