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By : Sustainability ..., Apr 15, 2012

Sustainability Outlook is a market access, insight and collaboration platform tracking actions related towards sustainability in the Indian economy. To understand our founding vision, objectives and target audience, see our ...

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Guidelines for Contributing a Guest Article to Sustainability Outlook

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 15, 2012

 We would welcome all guest contributions and thank you for reaching out to Sustainability Outlook. With guest contributions, we welcome technical insight into the opportunities and challenges you are observing in your field.

Areas we track...

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Multiple sustainability standards make reporting an arduous task for India Inc.

By : Roselin Dey, Mar 22, 2012

This article is a reflection piece on the lack of a true business case for companies to take up an even strenuous exercise of reporting under product specific or domain specific standards in the absence of a policy mandate.


Two new corporate standards were...

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Indian CPSEs foray into Sustainable Development

By : Shradha Kapur, Mar 19, 2012

The article takes a look at the recently promulgated Sustainable Development Guidelines for Central Public Sector Enterprises and ways in which these action can be tracked to demonstrate contribution and commitment of these business entities in shaping a sustainable growth...

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Re-conceptualizing Climate Equity – Positioning India as a global leader

By : Jyoti Deka, Feb 20, 2012

This article provides a brief on the key outcomes of the 2011 Durban COP specifically with regards to impact, influence and process to leverage India’s position on climate equity.

Key agreement at the Durban COP

The key outcome of the Durban...

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Mainstreaming Responsible Business Actions: First Baby Steps

By : Pawan Mehra, Jan 24, 2012

IICA convened the 1st National CSR Conclave to make ‘Responsible Business’ a board room conversation and promote the recently launched guidelines. The direction from the top needs to be focused if the initiative has to penetrate the board room.

CSR or...

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Sustainability “watch-outs” for the Indian industries

By : Jyoti Deka, Dec 19, 2011

Near term sustainability legislation and initiatives would impact the power generation, textile, financial and automobile industries the most among the Indian businesses, according to a recent survey by cKinetics.

The survey which studied 34 upcoming...

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Rio + 20 – A Step Forward?

By : Shradha Kapur, Dec 7, 2011

In the following article, the author evaluates the road to the 'Rio +20' Conference and its potential implications.

In 2012, Rio de Jeneiro will witness a deja-vu. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, better known as the Rio + 20, will...

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Outlook on SEBI's new mandatory ESG reporting requirement

By : sustainabilityo..., Dec 2, 2011

As India's 100 largest companies prepare to provide details on their sustainability and responsibility actions, a strategic assessment reveals that they are unevenly prepared to meet the new SEBI directive.

The SEBI board passed a resolution on Nov 24th...

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Climate financing–Thoughts for Durban

By : Jyoti Deka, Dec 1, 2011

In the following article, the author discusses the emerging status of climate finance as it now stands in the negotiations on the mechanics of the proposed Green Climate Fund at the Durban climate conference.

Along with introducing the nature of climate...

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