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Reinforcing role of renewables in energy security

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 9, 2010

The report summarizes the proceedings of the recently concluded Renewcon Conference India 2010 held in Mumbai on 26th & 27th August 2010. 

The two day conference brought together various stakeholders and industry participants in the solar and wind...

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PPP Models for combating climate change: Looking beyond carbon trading

By : Tanvi Patel, Aug 31, 2010

Moving beyond carbon trading schemes, such public private partnerships models could be useful for pooling resources and expertise and for up-scaling climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

Climate Change is a global phenomenon and has significant...

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Greening telecom: Countryside and countrywide

By : Komalirani Yenneti, Aug 26, 2010

As telephone has grown to become the lifeline of communication in most areas, telecom operators are looking towards green communications, which is expected to become a part of normal telecom business.



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Mainstreaming sustainability: Journey from CSR to sustainable sourcing

By : Preeti Aggarwal, Aug 11, 2010

Achieving sustainability is impractical without managing all aspects of life cycle. The article reflects on the progression of sustainability dialogue in the corporate setting from the traditional CSR construct to the emerging field of sustainable sourcing.


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Low carbon race: Sprint or slow pace?

By : Ashish Rana, Aug 4, 2010

Soon it will be 2030. Would the world have moved to a low carbon path by then? It is being argued that actions required to alter growth trajectories towards low carbon economy across the world are too little and/or too late. What is India prioritizing in this context?...

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Bio-refineries: A novel solution to optimal biomass utilization

By : setu.goyal, Jul 26, 2010

The concept of Bio-refineries came in light of reduction of dependence on traditional resources for fuel by optimum utilization of biomass. Though it has applicability in solving waste management & GHG emission problems, there are still limitations of raw-material...

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Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)

By : shm048, Jul 14, 2010

India constitutes a major portion of the world’s population which in turn emphasizes the large workforce in the form of graduates which includes qualified and churned engineers and scientists who can actually work.  The Indian government’s recent plan to add 800+ more...

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Opinion: Need vs. Greed- The Indian climate dilemma

By : Bulu Imam, Jul 13, 2010

Though developing countries claim their ‘right to pollute’ for the sake of development, it is also important to understand that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet. New age development needs to be based on sustainable and efficient planning.


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Opinion: Solar thermal implementation - The hot debate

By : Lavleen Singal, Jul 7, 2010

The article raises some hotly debated issues pertaining to the implementability of solar thermal in India. While there is overall optimism within the policy makers, the investors and project developers bemoan the lack of sensitivities to ground issues of implementation.

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Green India Mission: Hope or Hype

By : Romita Pandita, Jul 6, 2010

As a part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change, the draft version of the Green India Mission was released. Though it enlists a number of ambitious goals and targets, the public response and feedback for the mission is yet to be seen.


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