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Sustainability “watch-outs” for the Indian industries

By : Jyoti Deka, Dec 19, 2011

Near term sustainability legislation and initiatives would impact the power generation, textile, financial and automobile industries the most among the Indian businesses, according to a recent survey by cKinetics.

The survey which studied 34 upcoming...

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Climate change is a reality and India is serious about climate care

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 17, 2011

In the following article, a senior-level executive at The Climate Group India office reflects on the current policies for bringing clean revolution in India, and The Climate Group's initiatives in the space.

‘Climate change is a reality and India is serious about...

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Innovations in solar power – A look into the future

By : Sandeep Roy, Oct 11, 2011

In this article, the author presents insights into the innovative solar technologies that are coming up thick and fast to address the growing ever growing energy needs.

With a growing economy and an increased sensitivity towards the environment, there has been a...

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Sustainability: The Next major Career Destination in India

By : Roselin Dey, Sep 29, 2011

This article by the author Roselin Dey has been entered in the Rio+ 20 Blogger Contest organised by Tck Tck Tck - The Global Campaign for Climate Action and is based on the campaign's climate theme "Green Jobs". While green jobs are a mature job segment in developed...

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A solar resource database and PV assessment tool for India

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 21, 2011

GeoModel Solar has recently introduced a  SolarGIS Platform for providing an online solar resource database to cater to the industry need.

Solar power plant planning and designing in India is now easier and more accessible thanks to a new online solar resource database...

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The ABC of Renewable Energy Certificates in India

By : Aparna Khandelwal, Sep 13, 2011

Renewable Energy Certificates is a relatively new and challenging market based instrument, but holds great promise in promoting the renewable energy market development in India.

In a bid to promote renewable energy market in India, the Indian government has framed...

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CDP helping businesses initiate the sustainability journey

By : Bhavna Prasad, Sep 8, 2011

Proactive Indian businesses are starting to see business potential in many environment related opportunities. CDP is definitely one of the frameworks that have helped Indian businesses develop a broader sustainability outlook.

Sustainability being the buzz word right...

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Beyond lighting -- Solar technology furthering the UN MDGs

By : Smita Rakesh an..., Aug 5, 2011

Smita Rakesh and Jigyasa Jyotika at TERI discuss the ‘Lighting a Billion Lives Campaign’ – the largest non-government program to promote fee-for service based solar lighting in rural areas through the unique solar lantern re-charging stations.

160 years after the...

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Waste to Fuel: An innovative approach

By : Recycle Energy ..., Jul 22, 2011

An expert from Recycle Energy Co., Ltd., a Japan based waste management company writes about an alternative to use waste plastics by converting them into oil. 

Petrochemicals, such as plastics, are everywhere and indispensable in the modern society. Several...

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Policy Tracker: Water and Energy Outlook of the 12th Five Year Plan

By : Roselin Dey, Jul 7, 2011

India Carbon Outlook catches up with a Planning Commission consultant to discuss the Approach paper for the 12th Five Year plan; the stakeholder consultation process followed this year and the position of ‘water’ and ‘energy’ in the plan.

Before the Twelfth Five Year...

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