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Unilever Brings Sustainable Beauty to the Masses with Love Beauty and Planet Line

By : sustainabilityo..., Dec 14, 2017

Just one month after the launch of its new natural personal care product line ApotheCARE Essentials, Unilever has rolled out yet another responsible beauty brand: Love Beauty and Planet. And it’...

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L’Oréal leads the pack on sustainability in the Cosmetics Industry, Brazilian Natura not far behind: Sustainability Outlook’s latest research

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 20, 2017

Sustainability Outlook has released...

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Government classifies microbeads as 'unsafe' for cosmetic products

By : sustainabilityo..., May 29, 2017

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has classified microbeads as "unsafe" for use in cosmetic products, the government has informed the National Green Tribunal.


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Microplastics should be banned in cosmetics to save oceans

By : sustainabilityo..., Aug 25, 2016

Cosmetics companies must be banned from using plastic microbeads in scrubs, toothpaste and beauty products because of the marine pollution they are causing, say a group of MPs....

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