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India Inc couldn’t-care-less attitude about forests worrying, says report

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 28, 2020

Does India Inc care about the country’s forests? A recent ‘CDP India Annual Report 2019’ indicates it doesn’t. No Indian company responded to CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire on forests, though many answered similar questionnaires on other issues such as...

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Thanks to human intervention, Earth has lost wilderness area the size of India since 90s

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 20, 2019

Wilderness areas around the world have experienced catastrophic declines over the years, with three million square kilometres of global wilderness lost since the 1990s, according to a new study. Since the 1990s, our planet has lost nearly three million square kilometres of...

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Delay in marking private forests leading to degradation of green cover in Goa

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 18, 2017

A lengthy, two-decade long process of identifying private forests and a delay in demarcating and mapping the identified patches in Regional Plan (RP) 2021 has led to irreversible diversion of...

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