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Wind energy developers dissatisfied with Gujarat's land offer

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 2, 2019

Although Gujarat has agreed to provide land to winners of auctions conducted by central agencies, developers feel it is too little too late. Considered one of the best wind producing states, Gujarat had been reluctant to lease land to winners of auctions conducted by central...

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UP govt allows farm land lease for solar power plant, agri industry

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 29, 2019

In a major push to boost investment and production as well as setting up of solar power projects in the state ahead of the ground breaking ceremony on Sunday, the UP government has made it...

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India seeks suitable wind sites

By : Sustainability ..., May 22, 2019

The initiative follows a recent announcement by the MNRE to ensure availability of land and transmission facilities for developers that win wind and solar projects in auctions. Recent wind...

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Govt modifies solar park scheme to ease land, evacuation constraints

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 13, 2019

The government has modified the existing scheme for development of solar parks and ultra mega solar parks in a bid to ease constraints related to availability of land and evacuation...

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Gujarat likely to provide land for centre’s wind power projects

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 12, 2019

Wind power producers may soon get a breather from the stand-off over land allotment in Gujarat with the state finally planning to help centrally auctioned projects. ...

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SECI project winners buying expensive land as state stays reluctant on leasing for central projects

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 11, 2019

SECI project winners buying expensive land as state stays reluctant on leasing for central projects.The state government had earlier said the matter would be...

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Gujarat refuses land transfer approval for central wind projects

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 13, 2018

Gujarat, which has been a leading state in generating renewable energy, is going slow in leasing land for wind projects auctioned by central agencies, and allowing only the ones backed by its...

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