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Rainfed agency to make action plan for drought-prone districts

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 23, 2019

The National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) is working on developing a comprehensive drought-proofing action plan for 24 districts in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka this year, said NRAA CEO Ashok Dalwai. The NRAA will develop similar action plans for other districts...

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Agriculture is taking the hardest hit of climate change in Chhattisgarh

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 24, 2019

Climate change is slowly beginning to affect the most important cog in the economic wheel of India – agriculture. Rain-fed agriculture systems are taking a hard hit with monsoons becoming...

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Low soil moisture posing threat in most river basins

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 29, 2019

Factors like temperature, rainfall and soil moisture affect distribution and growth of vegetation. A study of these factors has shown that forest and croplands in two-thirds of river basins across India do not have the potential to cope with extreme climatic events such as...

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Nearly 50 per cent of India currently facing drought

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 1, 2019

Nearly 50 per cent of the country is currently facing drought with at least 16 per cent falling in the "exceptional" or "extreme" category, according to IIT Gandhinagar scientists managing India...

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