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India's National Green Tribunal: An Experiment in Environmental Justice

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 12, 2014

 Meghalaya state in northeastern Indian is a land of bucolic beauty, but its Jaintia Hills have become dotted with ratholes—a primitive mining method where pits ranging from 5–100 square meters are dug into the ground to reach a coal seam. Tunnels about one meter high are...

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Corporation rallies support for water conservation

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 11, 2014

 Madurai corporation, which has decided to renovate existing rainwater harvesting systems in government buildings, is sparing no efforts to secure the water needs of residents. On Tuesday, mayor V V Rajan Chellappa inaugurated a rally to raise awareness about rainwater...

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Tesla Might Just Open Up Its Electric Car Patents

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 9, 2014

This is kind of unprecedented, but Tesla might just open up its electric car patents to other manufacturers.

On June 3, at Tesla's annual shareholder meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California...

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Corporations will need to renegotiate water contracts as demand increases

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 6, 2014

 Clashes between communities and corporations over industrial water consumption are becoming almost commonplace. In recent years, mining giants such as Newmont and Freeport McMoran have faced water-related protests over efforts to expand mining in Peru and Arizona, while...

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Barack Obama's clean energy policy to benefit India and China

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 4, 2014

 WASHINGTON: The path breaking clean energy policy unveiled by the Obama administration would put the US at a disadvantage against countries like India and China, top US lawmakers and policy advocacy groups have said. 

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$48 trillion needed by 2035 to meet global energy needs - IEA

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 3, 2014

 LONDON - More than $48 trillion must be invested by 2035 to meet global energy needs as current technologies go offline and demand rises in emerging nations, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a report launched in London on Tuesday.

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Launching new-age EVs to re-design personal mobility in New Delhi

By : Sustainability ..., May 29, 2014

Sustainability Outlook talked to Göran Folkesson (CEO) and Anil Arora (India Head), Clean Motion, on re-designing personal mobility for a energy scarce world and introducing Zbees to India. 

Most of us aren’t quite used to the idea of an electric...

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India Harvests Sun and Wind to Save Water and Power a Slowing Economy

By : Sustainability ..., May 29, 2014

 JAIPUR, Rajasthan, India — Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Winds, was constructed in 1799, here in the largest city in India’s largest state. Made of red and pink sandstone, and facing the street with an ornate honeycomb of open windows, the five-story building could have been...

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The way forward for Indian cities

By : Sustainability ..., May 27, 2014

 The general elections victory is for all, the credit goes to a few, and the award to one.

The speeches suggest that we have a prime minister on a mission, a man in a hurry to deliver results. The jostling and speculation for ministerial portfolios indicate what the...
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Calvert buys into Indian energy

By : Sustainability ..., May 23, 2014

 Polar Capital’s William Calvert has been buying into the Indian energy sector in anticipation of a win for Narendra Modi in the country’s elections.

Mr Calvert, who runs two emerging market funds for Polar Capital, one focusing on growth and the other on income,...
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