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Constructing Change: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in India's Buildings Market [Report]

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 30, 2013

India is at a crossroads in its development path. India's building-occupied area is projected to skyrocket from 8 billion square meters in 2005 to 41 billion in 2030. To keep pace, India's energy production must grow 6.5 percent per year from 2011 to 2017. Buildings already...

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India plays down diversion of Brahmaputra water by China

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 9, 2013

 India seems to be playing down China’s diversion of waters from the Brahmaputra, although an analyst criticized this approach.

The opinion in New Delhi is that precipitation in China contributes only 7% to the flow of three tributaries of Brahmaputra—Subansiri, Siang...

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Technology: en-route sustainability and innovation!

By : Anonymous, Jul 17, 2013

The term ‘Sustainability’ was widely-disseminated for the first time by a credible source in the Brundtland Report in 1987 by a commission established by the UN General Assembly. The report coined the well-known definition for sustainability as “development that meets the...

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SC gives green signal to commissioning of Kudankulam nuclear plant

By : Sustainability ..., May 6, 2013

The Supreme Court on Monday gave its nod to the commissioning of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu.

The SC while delivering its verdict, said the Kudankulam power plant was set up for the welfare and sustainable growth of the people of India....

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Hindustan Salts, BHEL in talks for mega solar plant

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 4, 2013

Hindustan Salts Ltd (HSL), a state-owned firm manufacturing common salt, is looking to partner Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL), the country's largest power equipment firm, to install what is being touted as Asia's largest solar power generation facility on around...

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India hit by China's solar energy war

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 25, 2013

Notwithstanding the economic slowdown, several countries across the globe are engaged in a bitter fight for firmer control over solar energy - a key energy source in future.

The epicentre of the war is China, which has flooded the global market with its cheaper...

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Hanging by a Thread: Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Dec 24, 2012

The conversation around the result of COP18 vacillates around extreme verdicts of the same – with most hailing it an utter failure and a few celebrating its success. This article takes a look at what was hoped to be achieved at the conference, and what actually transpired...

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Off-Grid Solar Thermal Technologies: Solving India’s Energy Crisis

By : Ashok Paranjape, Nov 15, 2012

The Earth receives more than enough energy from the sun in an hour to supply the world’s energy requirements for the whole year. Unfortunately we harness only a tiny portion of the available solar energy and the world still primarily relies on power plants that burn fossil...

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'Limit climate change or wait for the doomsday'

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 29, 2012

A devastating cyclone will strike the state in April 2050, inundating coastal regions of East Midnapore and the Sunderbans. This will trigger flash migration to urban centres and send Kolkata reeling. Parks will turn into slums and every inch of free space will be occupied....

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Telecom Equipment Manufacturer's Association wants government to withdraw diesel subsidy to telcos

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 8, 2012

An industry association representing telecom equipment makers in India has asked the government to withdraw diesel subsidy given to mobile phone companies and tower providers and instead levy a one-time tax per tower.

The Telecom Equipment Manufacturer's Association (...

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