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Airlines ask for financial help to develop biofuels

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 7, 2012

Airlines need government support to make biofuels more affordable in order to reduce pollution and carbon emissions, the head of the global aviation industry group has said.

Around 1,500 commercial flights have been made using fuel made from plants and waste products,...

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Biofuels might be the way ahead

By : Sustainability ..., May 26, 2012

With the petrol prices spiraling upwards, there has been deep sense of anxiety over the fuel availability in the next few decades. GS Krishnan, Regional President, Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd says “With the energy security looming over, and the oil prices spiralling, the...

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Are Biofuels the potential solution to energy security?

By : Sreepat Jain an..., Feb 24, 2012

With judicious land usage plan, appropriate funding and better awareness, biofuels can definitely aid in establishing a “carbon neutral” energy regime.

Bio-fuels are sustainable and environmental friendly source of energy as they are extracted from plant biomass (...

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Gadkari, Meghe bat for biofuels

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 7, 2011

BJP national president Nitin Gadkari and Congress MP, Datta Meghe, have launched a drive to promote biofuels in Vidarbha. They have prepared a charter of demands that will be presented to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. The two leaders feel that in view of rising crude...

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Biofuels only major way to decarbonizes road fuel: BP

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 4, 2011

Biofuels represent the only way to significantly reduce carbon emissions in road transport fuel and are likely to account for at least 12 percent of supply by 2030, an official with oil giant BP said on Wednesday.

"There is no other alternative that I can really...

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Jatropha Boom Yields Tough Lessons

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 21, 2010

With a gas-guzzler of an economy, India had been spending tens of billions of dollars annually to import petroleum. And so its 2009 policy on biofuels mandated that by 2017, India would have enough biofuel production to cover at least 20 percent of the country’s oil...

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India should now cash in on biofuels: experts

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 16, 2010

At a workshop on 'Research opportunities in biofuels', chairman of Divecha Centre for Climate Change, Prof J Srinivasan said there should be a fundamental difference in the approach to biofuels. "In the West, climate change is a serious concern. They have to reduce emissions...

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Indian-origin scientist unveils new, efficient technique of biofuel production

By : Preeti Aggarwal, Jul 2, 2010

An Indian-origin researcher and her colleagues at North Carolina State University have unveiled a more efficient technique for producing biofuels from woody plants. The procedure significantly reduces the waste that results from conventional biofuel production techniques....

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Controversy mounts in EU over fall-out from biofuel

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 12, 2010

Fresh controversy is mounting within the European Union over biofuels and their unintended impact on tropical forests and wetlands, documents show.

One leaked document from the EU's executive, the European Commission, suggests biofuel from...

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Algae Biofuels: Possibilities, Uncertainties

By : Anonymous, Jan 19, 2010

Biofuels are getting a bad reputation. People are doing the math and realizing that replacing fossil fuels with crop-based biofuels would take all the arable land on the planet.[1] Using algae instead, may be key to biofuels becoming an eco-sound alternative.[2]

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