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Soleckshaw –CARBON concept in Social Engineering

By : Rajesh Kumar, Nov 2, 2010

This second article in the ‘Sustainable Consumption Series’ talks about Soleckshaw- an optimally-designed, pedal-operated and motor assisted, zero-carbon emission, urban transport vehicle developed by CSIR.

This second article in the ‘Sustainable...

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Sustainability- the new Marketing Mantra for India Inc.

By : Roselin Dey, Oct 25, 2010

This next article in the ‘Sustainable Consumption Series’ talks about how sustainability is becoming a new marketing trend for companies, opportunities for companies in turning green and what to keep in mind when companies market themselves as being sustainable.


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Save money! Save energy! Go Direct Cool…

By : Preeti Aggarwal, Sep 15, 2010

This first article in the ‘Sustainable Consumption Series’ talks about how the direct cool refrigerators can enable savings while being environmentally helpful.

This first article in the ‘Sustainable Consumption Series’ talks about how the...

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An e-Mess Age

By : avani.819, Jul 22, 2010

With import of e-waste banned in China in 2002, India & Pakistan have become the favourite e-waste dumping destination for the advanced countries. Inadequate recycling facilities and irresponsibility on behalf of electronic companies has resulted in a situation of crisis...

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Is India aiming for urban sustainability?

By : Komalirani Yenneti, Jul 19, 2010

India moving rapidly along its growth – development axis is faced with rising urbanization and growing pressure on resources especially in its urban areas. The ‘National Mission on Sustainable Habitat’ has enumerated specific steps to integrate comprehensive urban planning...

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Biofuel & Nuclear LCA: Setting the standard

By : Anonymous, May 27, 2010

Conventional resources are degrading at a fast and unrestorable pace. Non-conventional energy options are being sought. But what will be the result? LCA comes as a handy assessment tool in here.

Unregulated and uncontrolled use of the convention sources of energy are...

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Electric Cars- An Upcoming Revolution

By : Akhil Choudhary, Mar 25, 2010

The electric vehicle is about saving real lives long before being about energy independence or slowing down global warming. The clean electric drive revolution has now reached the point of no return.

Ever since motorization began, vehicles driven by an internal...

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LCA of energy production

By : Anonymous, Feb 11, 2010

Even if the world could instantly switch over to an alternative energy source to minimize global warming, it wouldn’t be obvious which ones fit the bill. We examine the principles that could help make the choice.

Some sources release little CO2 but produce other...

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Holy Cow!

By : Anonymous, Dec 30, 2009

Cow belches contain methane and have been a recognized source of greenhouse gases. With cattle in India estimated at 475 million, bovines may be contributing more to emissions than cars! Feed additives hold a key to solving this problem.

Carbon dioxide gets more press...

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Are Rs 850 LEDs better than Rs 200 CFLs?

By : Anonymous, Nov 22, 2009

Widespread adoption of LEDs in place of CFLs is being given serious thought. Delhi's CM has even raised the issue of handling CFL disposal.

While the government and the manufacturers were busy popularizing the CFL, depicting it as an energy saving alternative to common...

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