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What to expect on this World Environment Day?

By : Aparna Khandelwal, Jun 5, 2012

Its 5th of June and it’s the 40th anniversary of the World Environment Day (WED). This article provides an overview of what this year’s WED has in store for us.

UN selects a theme and a host country every year for World Environment Day in order to increase awareness...

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Can Unilever deliver Sustainable Consumption growth?

By : Pankaj Arora, Apr 28, 2012

As an update to my earlier piece, “Will Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan drive costs out?“, here are a few suggestions post the event on 24th April, that marked a special day for Unilever launching its first update on its Sustainable Living Plan and sharing its progress...

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Using GIS to advance sustainability

By : Aparna Khandelwal, Apr 26, 2012

This article explores how organizations have started using GIS as a tool for natural resource assessment to enhance sustainability. 

A geographic information system (GIS) is a technological tool which captures, manages and helps to analyze all forms of geographic...

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Environmental Sustainability – Business Case for Indian BFSI sector

By : Snehil Taparia, Apr 23, 2012

The role of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector towards sustainability has evolved globally from corporate philanthropy to a recognized means of value addition for stakeholders. This article explores the business risks and opportunities for environmental...

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Corporates get wiser on Sustainability Reporting though nuts and bolts of Sustainability Assurance are still missing

By : Aparna Khandelwal, Feb 15, 2012

Sustainability Reporting is catching steam in India however external assurance for non-financial performance disclosures/sustainability reports remain in their infancy.

Assurance for financial data in term audits is very popular however external assurance for non-...

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The Indian sustainability leap – Is ‘IT’ on?

By : VK Kripanand, Nov 25, 2011

In the following article, an IT expert sheds light on what environmental sustainability means for Indian IT companies.

A recent press article that appeared in the Times of India, said that India's spending on GREEN IT and sustainability initiatives will...

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Building green IT, shaping greener tomorrow

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 21, 2011

The following article presents a snapshot of how Microsoft, a global IT leader, has successfully embarked on this path.

A competitive IT market and growing need for eco-energy conscious solutions offers opportunities to thought leader firms to shape differentiation and...

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Sustainability: The Next major Career Destination in India

By : Roselin Dey, Sep 29, 2011

This article by the author Roselin Dey has been entered in the Rio+ 20 Blogger Contest organised by Tck Tck Tck - The Global Campaign for Climate Action and is based on the campaign's climate theme "Green Jobs". While green jobs are a mature job segment in developed...

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Green Infrastructure: strategies, approaches and way forward

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 15, 2011

Green infrastructure, encompassing the triple bottom-line framework acts as the ecological structure needed for environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Despite sustainable development making inroads into the Indian economy and going ‘green’ becoming a trend...

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Shaping sustainability in business via ICT tools

By : sustainabilityo..., Aug 26, 2011

With climate change posing a global challenge, adopting ICT solutions in various industries would be a win-win way to reduce India’s carbon trail, says a DESC Report.

The new millennium has witnessed a perceptible change in people’s attitude towards climate change...

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